Salt Water Opera

57 (2)

She cut through the mist, every cloud in the distance,

longing for her red rose lips to be kissed,

to feel something beyond just existence,

she treaded the sand to reach solid ground, a wish

she built a house filled with confidence,

then listened for the soul to take a step,

for her heart to make a sound,

the leash had finally snapped,

she wouldn’t be tucked away and kept,

no more laying in her tears waiting to drown,

no more feeling like her feelings were trapped,

she’d been gone for so long,

as she unlocked her self made cage,

she felt her throat fill with a sweeter song,

she’d made her way through the stone age,

and though in a way she felt robbed,

the youth in her spirit rose from the macabre,

too many lifetimes left behind as she sobbed,

no more would she live in a salt water opera..


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