Walk On Water

101 (2)

how deeply can you see,

everything you do tucked inside of me,

though my skin may whisper where your hands should be,

I go on, asleep, with that memory,

these times that come when I’m wakened,

when you give back what they’ve all taken,

when you gently speak me back into being,

the demons driven to fleeing,

when you lift me up until my love grows wings,

and takes away the dark things,

I know the door has been kept shut, under lock and key,

but when it opened, I watched the dream, rising from a burning sea,

the flood was warm, gently washing over my splintered soul,

until every piece fell into place, one more time I was whole…

most look at you and only see the shell,

they see your strength, never your walk through hell,

they want a warrior, a keeper,

always on the surface never diving deeper,

but through the years I’ve watched the night turn to dawn,

knowing your path has been riddled with letting go and holding on,

on the outside you held it in,

and the heart in you was sometimes worn thin,

and I know how it goes to push away,

putting off for someday,

we forget how to reach, how to melt,

we ice it down, those feelings once easily felt,

but as my hand  touches you,

I sense the wild and free coming through,

and yes I’ve had my fears of just letting go,

protected myself from the moments I shattered,

but today when I look, there’s a deeper feel,

there’s a completeness in knowing that it’s not only a dream,

but real,

and when I combine every single emotion

I’ve had about this journey,

open my eyes and look,

it’s because you are the only one I want to see

standing next to me,

all the butterflies that float by me in the air,

promising they can take me there,

they’re nothing when I see the garden you’ve grown,

where I walk touching every flower, I’m never alone,

I know we can search,

I know we can overlook what has been put on our plate,

but baby, when it comes to living and dying,

I want your arms to be my fate…

when it comes to what is true and what’s lying,

anyone can call your name,

but I can sit silently just the same,

knowing you are my soulmate,

and I will spill out love until you walk on water in my sea,

this love has always been meant to be…


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