family · Love · military · poetry

One More Hero


She felt the final blow, she felt her heart give up the ghost, she watched as they carved her name in stone, how could her life be gone? She watched as they bowed their heads to pray, uniforms all standing in a line, she heard the flowers hit the dirt that day, as she touched them each, one more time, she watched her children and her heart’s love cry, why did she have to die? She raised her eyes as it got harder to hold on, guns raised to ring out their salute, a trumpet’s golden cord making the saddest sound, a flag draped over her, in her finest suit, they lowered her into the ground, when she was lost, she was found, she thought, how will they get through it? She turned to face the beckoning light, her spirit felt its fire, the answer came, she knew it, she slipped behind the veil, and held them close that night, she realized that wherever she’d been there was a trail, and someday they would join her, and she held that tight, and as the tears slipped down their face, she kissed each one away, whispered to their spirits that there would never be goodbye, that forever was a real place, for love can never die…


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