Butch Femme · femmerotica · poetry · sexy

A Long Slow Sip

the one

fingertips, those soft hard lips, the sway of teasing hips, soft glow of warm skin clothed in candlelight, the gentle tug, a long slow sip, eyes locked in the deepest trust, the shadows become one with a forward thrust, voices melting into moans, spirits taking flight, heartbeats coursing through veins, a sweet release of buried pain, the meeting of two becoming one, legs and arms in knots that slowly come undone, quivers sliding down the spine, hands in soft curls, breasts sweet with a smokey wine, breaths hot over wetted lips and tongue, feeling that rise like the waves under a boat, sliding down on the one, taking the passion deep in her throat, muscles tensed, head tossed in ecstasy, exploding like the surface of the sun, love wild and free, that moment sensed, that’s what you do to me..that’s what you do..to me



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