When It Comes (to fire and rain)


She shook her head, her long curls flew,

fire in her eyes, you knew she knew,

words like sparks lit a climbing flame,

you knew it by the way she came,

she had found her footsteps

walking on white hot coals,

red fingernails, sweet candy lips,

those smoke screens in her soul,

she slid her hands up those legs from her toes,

you can’t tell her anything, …she knows,  

a smoldering look to burn you down,

you knew it had finally come around,

melted by a long last kiss,

that never came to your waiting lips,

you knew it when she tossed the crown,

when her words made you drown,

when the world was suddenly without noise,

you knew she’d finally made her choice,

she sang a soft sweet song to herself,

tossed back those long soft curls,

she walked through the fire into the rain,

left you standing in the flame,

you knew what goes around, had came,

she plays with fire, you’re the same,

when it comes

to fire

and rain…


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