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What It’s Like


I get so tired of dying and living alone, of hearing that I’m perfect as I stare at these walls on the phone. Someone needs to get a grip and I know it’s me. What you allow continues, and I know I’ve been led around by the nose, might as well be livestock because here I am in my stall waiting to be fed and I watch her as she goes, just give me time, that’s all I need and there I stand planted like a weed, listening and obeying every line..convincing myself I’m fine, but tonight I am missing arms to hold me, to let me lay and let out that sigh, but that’s just not my reality, no one to turn to but the shadows behind me, and I feel the want rising up in me, the motion of my body swaying with ease, and the temptation to break away, I feel the tease, suddenly I am turning my eyes toward the way, away, to feel what it’s like when you’re feeling free, what it’s like..to play..


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