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She Is Mine

sun and moon

The moon was high and the sun was rocking, she pulled up her hair and slid into her stockings, her little black skirt was huggin’ her curves, loved the way her skin clung to her shirt, her lips were painted shining crimson, her lashes batting made my blood run, she looked at me with those eyes of blue, felt like her eyes, like spinning tires, so fast they passed right through, I slid back on my chair to watch, her hips swayin’ to the music, I wanted to touch, her hands and nails in the air, I felt their pain, sliding down my body again and again, the moon was high and the sun was rocking, I pulled down her hair and slipped her out of her stockings, the look in her eyes was nothing but fire, the touch of my hands lifted her to my desire, her lips parted but the music drowned, how I loved the passion of that sound, taking her breath away as she slid those nails down my spine, she is mine…she’ll always be mine…


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