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My Heart Will Bring It Home


There wasn’t just part of me,

I gave you my heart, gave you everything,

but now I look back at the years that you stole,

and I see that all you ever saw was a secondhand fool,

When all I had was you on my mind,

everything was everything, and I was anything but shine,

you tied those strings tight around my heart,

hit the bullseye with every dart,

and I fell so hard that you shamed cupid,

I played the part of love and you,

you always played stupid,

too cool to profess your love out loud,

and me, I let you play the crowd,

you like the sound of your own voice,

but I liked the music coming from the other bois,

you never heard a word I said, too busy with your own,

you knew I’d be there even when you left me all alone,

but there were songs coming from a different choir,

opening my heart, touching my desire,

you don’t want, and I’m just a need,

a bandaid when you bleed,

I thought so many times,

your love was going to make me fly,

but I realized that those wings spread when you were high,

you took my dream on ruthless climbs,

I stood on the edge of believing, only to fall on my knees,

you thought nothing of it because your heart is full of greed,

you make promises with lips wet with another’s kiss,

and every time I was lost in my wish,

but tonight, the night exploded, and I felt those fires,

all of it went up in smoke with all the other liars,

and the pieces all fell back into place, I won’t be broken,

drunk on your sweet words, it’s like they were never spoken,

you used to flip the switch and I would turn on,

but tonight when I shine, the light will be my own,

and I know in my heart that I’ve paid a very high cost,

but I know someday you’ll see just how much you lost,

how you left me gutted and bleeding,

but don’t think for a second that I’ll be conceding,

I don’t believe in games, don’t make up a reason,

I’ve grown wings on my own and found something I can believe in,

I feel it deep inside my bones…

and my heart,

my heart will bring it home…


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