The Question Is


When she feels alone

and the walls are closing in,

there’s a place inside of her,

a place where she can fall,

when she feels like there’s no end,

she doesn’t know where to begin,

she listens to the wild in her

and follows its call,

when she can’t shake the feelin’

of your last goodbye,

the warmth upon her skin

of your last sigh,

she runs to a place

where no one sees her cry,

her face tells everyone

of the storm she braves,

but her heart cracking open

bleeds with that lie,

they wouldn’t understand

the you she craves,

she wraps the present up like a gift,

holds her hands high and blows it away

with a kiss,

she feels the floor under her feet shift,

and she falls deep into her own abyss,

she’s never been good with in between,

always a princess, never the queen,

though she’s bowed down to you

and made you king,

she’s just a slave

to your whips sting,

she waits in the tower

to let her hair down,

she cries for mercy

but you let her drown,

she watches the sun

and the moon dance around,

but there’s a storm in the distance

and she’ll be found,

someone knocking and she holds the key,

the question is, will she set herself free…


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