passion · poetry

Skin To Skin

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Her lashes fall upon her cheeks,

she nails dig into the sheets,

she feels the love, the tenderness,

she cries out your name in the silence,

her body floods with waves in this bliss,

the memory of her lover’s kiss stinging her lips,

the heat of your passion burns within,

an ache in her like the wildest sin,

she can feel your strong hands reach for her hips,

opening her and sliding up her soft long legs,

touching against each other skin to skin,

moving her in the moment, you slid in,

deeper than she was ever moved is all she can feel,

her fantasy no reality can steal,

on your knees in front of her you touch the silk,

sliding your fingertips up the sweet honey and milk,

she loves the way you say her name,

how your love can take away every shame,

hands in her hair pulling her there,

her climb was almost more than she could bear,

your head laid on her shoulder, spent and  intense,

how she always loved that sweet musty incense,

her mind wandering through the stars and moonbeams,

she sighs drifting off to sleep to be with her dreams…


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