Butch Femme · poetry

She’s Got…


She’s got your gun in her hand,

she’s got that switch,

come on like an angel,

back it up like a bitch,

she’s got those flashin’ blue eyes,

she’s got that look,

you’re swallowin’ hard,

must be that hook,

she’s got those sweet lookin’ thighs,

she’s got you’re blood runnin’ hot,

you’re losin’ your mind,

best believe that she’s not,

she’s got that number on speed dial,

she’s got a hush in her voice,

painted fingers and nail file,

you’re makin’ a choice,

she’s got your fingers tappin’,

she’s singin’ along,

you’re wonderin’ what’s gonna happen,

while you’re sittin’ alone,

she’s got your future and past,

she’s got your mind in a twist,

you know she’s here ’til the last,

she puts her heart into this,

she’s got you quakin’ and shakin’,

she’s got her hand in the loop,

she’s yours for the takin’,

don’t be playin’ the fool,

she’s got it all down, just bringin’ it up,

time isn’t standin’ still, just so you know,

she’s got her worth and that’s enough,

better pull the trigger ’cause she’s ready to blow,

she’s out in the wind and it might be still,

but a hurricane’s formin’, just over the hill,

she’s got the patience and she’s got the will,

but you better think fast before she swallows that pill,

she’s got the mind, …body and soul,

she’s got what it takes to let it all go,

you’re shakin’ the tree but forgetting the fruit,

she’s got the juice to your lips, what are you gonna do?


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