Love · poetry

With Her Demons And Angels


She walked into this world just a little bit shy,

she had a hard time lifting her head,

she wasn’t bold or stormy, just a girl on the side,

the sweetest of temptations is where she was led,

one look in those eyes and she felt the ice melt,

the touch of those warm hands pulling her close,

she never expected the feelings she felt,

she never thought it’d stick but it did and it does,

she’s smart and she’s sexy and she makes her world spin,

her walk and her talk, the way she loves in the night,

the hustle and swag, her smile makes her sin,

watching her magic in the soft candlelight,

she’s tumbled and twisted all of these years,

she’s up and she’s down with her demons and angels,

putting on the brakes and switching the gears,

they say let them go, so she lifted the sails,

she was submissive, her love was her will,

her breath was the wind, she knew the direction,

her wandering ship would one day stand still,

she was the sea, her love, her reflection,

there on the horizon a shimmering dawn,

the colors of heaven ebbed on the shore,

her heart was in waiting, the journey was done,

her lover came like a captain, from long ago lore,

she ran to the heart that taught her to try,

one she’d believed in when she looked in those eyes,

she never let go though she let her love fly,

sometimes with only a glimpse, as she searched the skies,

the sweet sea had calmed and the waves lapped at her toes,

the beauty of love is that it never goes,

it lives in the soul from beginning to end,

at times it seems lost but then comes again,

a memory, a moment, a lifetime descends,

for once given, it lives for all time,

in a dream or reality, love is most sublime,..



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