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No Time To Swerve


Oh you get it now! Well isn’t that always the way,

under the moon just makin’ your day,

that sweet little giggle, that moan when when you play,

you give her that visual and it just blows her away,

those innuendoes of what is to come,

makin’ her wiggle under your thumb,

she isn’t your servant but baby she’ll serve,

full speed ahead, no time to swerve,

your whispers fall silent on your end of the phone,

closin’ your eyes ’cause she’s bringin’ it home,

you can just taste the fruit sweet on your lips,

feel that magical thing she does with her hips,

there’s no doubt in your mind that there’s a connection,

the arch of your back as she tastes her confection,

she’s gonna let it all go, no inhibitions,

you’ll hang up the phone, but your heart listens,

she’s not a fighter but she’ll win anyway,

she’s got the fire to burn through the night and the day,

her arrows are marked, they never stray,

she goes straight for the heart,

it’s what makes you stay…


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