Where There’s No Mirror

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When the darkness rises and thoughts are fears,

the sun going down brings heartache and tears,

you only show what you want them to see,

there’s always that voice of what you should be,

life gets so complicated when it twists in your head,

the light seems to fade with the demons you’ve fed,

no one can rip a hole in your soul,

no one can shine on what makes you whole,

you can listen and listen until you change the story,

choosing a fight that brings you to failure or glory,

they say what you tell yourself you will believe,

every notion you have, every fault you conceive,

but I realized so much later in life that we’re the same,

we’ve all fought from the inside, the evils that gain,

we battle and claw our way through every terror,

learn from reflection where there’s no mirror,

there’s no right or wrong way, we’re just as we live,

searching ourselves for lost innocence,

demons may haunt but they cry for their freedom,

every lock has a key, we don’t have to beat them,

when they’re let go, even the air breathes a sigh,

what you hold in is just more ways to die,

losing pieces of you causes life to distort,

the you that you are will surely contort,

the demons will whisper lies in your ears,

they rattle in hallways filled with your fears,

but the moment you unlock the door that you’ve hidden,

there’s a way out, where they are forbidden,

only you have the power of choice,

only you can give your life back its voice,

sometimes those mountains are so hard to climb,

but believe when I say the view from here is sublime,

for what comes crashing down, pouring out, and then fades,

is nothing compared to the life you just saved…



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