Eternity · faith · Love · poetry · spiritual

Borrowed Time



She slides behind the dark of the moon,

she breaks apart the stars and lays them in her hair,

the beams of the sun wrap around her,

spun on her loom,

her eyes are like the clouds and sky,

she stirs up the wind with her sweet breaths,

her tired feet rest upon the moon’s crest,

she runs her fingers over these moments of borrowed time,

she hums a long distance lullaby,

to those who sleep, to those who wake from their dreams,

to those hearts that weep, blowing kisses ’til their eyes dry,

she fades as the sun rises, a rainbow laying on the mountain top,

she sings in the chorus of nature awakening from its slumber,

she slides down the rays of light, in the distance there is thunder,

there’s another storm brewing in their hearts that will never stop,

she hears the voices calling her home,

just one more glimpse before she goes,

part of her lives within their souls,

she walks on until she reaches the light, knowing she’s left behind

a piece of her that is never gone…

she hums the praises for grace given,

the showers pour right through her,

her toes tiptoeing through the frankincense and myrrh,

she slips once again behind the curtain 


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