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Each Star Falls


No more haunting, just a ghost, a beautiful spirit
walkin’ away, no more dreams, no more wanting,
if this is our night, I want the day, listening to the colors
in your brain, hearing words of a life you crave,
living is dying and I am insane, your life is your own to save,
one day you held the key to my heart, but the lock is rusted closed, I have no more time to fall apart, I’m saving my own
heart and soul, you can get angry and promise the world,
I’ve heard those words so many times, I tried to save you
from yourself, now just I’m the elf on the shelf,
I’m out of your world, but as soon as a hurricane forms,
and the ground under your feet shakes, you pull me back
into your storms, because you’ve come to think
that my heart heals as quick as it breaks, but it goes a little deeper than you ever see, you never look at me,
just a shadow in your mirror, funny how many times I broke
just to pick up the pieces, until there came a,
and suddenly my sacrifice became clearer, my love has no regret, I won’t cry over the days and nights that I held you up,
my heart waits for the sun to set, and drink the ache
from this loving cup, but tonight I will not sleep,
my dreams will fly, I will tuck away those memories in the deepest deep,and watch as each star falls


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