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Even As It Pours


There’s no switch they tell me,
but I flick it off, don’t hear the words,
You must have felt me quiver
as the wind passed across
what used to be,
The lightning flashes, here comes the sea
what I see I don’t believe
even as it pours
the cold in your words makes me shiver
you strip me bare, but I am free

I don’t know my direction
there’s the smell of death
and the peace of resurrection
It was there in every thread
I felt it finally, the icy cold
an emptiness with the need to fill
what is new is new,
what is old is old,
bury the weeds far beneath
the earth I need to till

There’s no time, no minutes or moments,
only the fingernails holding onto the stone,
connected with roots that run in a sentence
wrapping around every sinew,
every bone,
There the stars dance
behind every cloud
burning and soaring in the air
wings turned to ash, shaking off
every care,
silencing your voice
underneath this shroud

I let my spirit go to see if it would return,
the rooms echoed as each door closed,
I sent flames from my fingers
just to see if it would
the sweetest embers just kissed
the blackened coals,

There was a stillness, as my skin turned to silk,
the flesh held strong walls,
quiet rooms,
you must have felt me as I flew from the sill,
everything that wilts comes again
to blooms,

I opened my eyes
though they wanted to close,
I could see you looking at me
You stole away a piece of my soul,
and that wind blows against that sea
what will be..will be,..but I am free

They say just let it all come slow
but I feel it when you tighten the rope
like the velvet of your breath it blows
and ties me down,
but I will go,
I will cope,

The windows are open,
the curtains shake
you shall recieve what it is
you seek
on beating wings
your heart will quake
when that love hits you
on your knees
The streets paved with gold
were tarnished
but the feet that travel down it
there will be nothing to take it,
to harm it
they say love is blind,
washed in the fumes of wine
but your wages will be garnished
when that heart that drinks
in all the love it
crosses over , no more restraints,
no more line
only the sun and the moon to warm it
and you will be the garden and I,
its only seeds…
but I am free
I will be free, I am free


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