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There’s Your Hook


It’s funny ..to watch you play,

those little innuendos you leave every day,

you think I won’t recognize where you’re goin’

but honey, …all your cards are showin’,

I sit in this seat reading you like a book

while you miss someone, there’s  your hook,

I’ve taken the bait too many times,

the river’s low, and the sun..it cries,

but this time I’m headed out to sea

under the moon, swimmin’ free,

you know I’m not what you really need

and you’re heart is somewhere else…indeed,

you’re saying the words but  I’ve read this book,

I can feel it when you’re caught, there’s  your hook,

you and I are like the shadows in life,

carved in each other but you’re the knife,

you use those words like you’re made of steel,

but honey …they just don’t feel real,

we had it once but it’s a shame,

shame on me for always being game,

you’ve strung me up and let me cry,

I’ve always lived at the end of your sigh

I can clean, have sex, make you somethin’ I cook,

but I won’t be on your mind, there’s your hook,

so while you bait your pole and head out fishin’,

hoping some day that ,that fish will listen,

I’ll be over here flippin’ my tail in the air,

leavin’ my blush playin’ truth or dare,

I’m not sayin’ that we don’t have love,

but your hand is reachin’ for another’s glove,

and I know all she has to do is give you that look,

that mermaid in your mind, there’s your hook,

I have to go now, I’m catching a wave,

I don’t need to be the one that you save,

just smile and know that I understand,

I can’t hold onto you when your lookin’ for land,

I can’t float like I’ve done all these years,

just to be planted in your garden of tears,

I know just how you feel, I’ve felt it all before,

but honey it’s not time for you to bring that boat to shore,

you know that your dreams are packed in that little nook,

she has your heart and I don’t, 

there’s your hook…




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