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Do What You Do

She was a little taste of shyness,

she was a bite of heaven and brimstone,

though she never thought it,

she could bring it on home,

she was the magic in magic,

queen on the throne of desires,

though her life was tragic,

she tended her fires,

she’d hand you the plate, never a ration,

love wasn’t love, if it was cold,

she’d burn in those flames with the hottest of passion,

for years she was starved but she still owned her soul,

she was sweet on the breath,

a bottled wine of  emotion,

all the words that were said,  

in the calm of commotion,

she was a taste of the world,

she was the rain, the clear, in your heart,

she could put you back together,

just to break you apart,

she’d always stay beside you,

though she never even knew,

she was the main course

in this feast of the truth,

your angel…your beast…your old and your youth,

nothin’ to force,

just do what you do…

she’s waiting to put that taste on your lips,

the food in your soul

at the touch of your kiss…




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