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Just One More Nap

She was full of thoughts, unspoken words,

her heart was a puzzle of lessons learned,

she crossed her hands upon her lap,

one more day, one more nap,

the years had flown by like the winter snow,

looking back, where.. did..they.. go,

smiling up as she watched them grow,

the little babies ’round her feet,

she loved them more





her hair fell down in shades of silver,

the hands of time made her shiver,

the days seemed to go by so fast,

she hoped they’d remember when she passed,

the hours of joy they left in her lap,

one more day, one more nap,

in her dreams she laughed and played,

sat with them in the shade,

splashed the water in their face,

threw the ball, one more chase,

lifting them into the air,

spinning ’round without a care,

rides upon her shoulders then,

she knew she’d never do again,

watching them fall asleep,

as she sang..their soul to keep,

their little eyes with those angel faces,

nothing time ever erases,

mama in her kerchief and daddy in his cap,

one more day, one more nap,

she whispers I love you to the moon and back,

she lays them down, she has to pack,

the angels call to bring her home,

but she knows she’ll never leave them alone,

she tells them that she can’t be gone,

until the day they all come,

she whispers to each at her bedside,

you are my heart, I haven’t died,

I’ll be right here and that’s a fact,

just one more day…just one more nap…


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