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With Me


When will too much be enough, what will it take to put the anchor out, this boat has been drifting, hitting the bluff, will my ocean ever break through your doubt, look in my eyes, can’t you see the sea, you know you’re floatin’ cuz you feel the motion, I can bring the heat, be your horizon, you’re walkin’ the plank  to be with me, your eyes are flashing like the storm, ’cause you’re free with me, but if you’re holding back ’cause of all the fish in the sea, then why the net surrounding me, like a shipwreck I’m lost at sea, you throw me a life just to cut the lead, I’m a lighthouse when it’s a beacon you need, but you cut me open, gutting me, and you watch me flounder in this sea, how many times can you watch me bleed, before our ship finds the harbor, before I feel like more than a martyr, before it’s real and we are we, before you say you want to be with me, before you say you



be with me……




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