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Nothing Wrong


When the night comes calling, shadows falling,

the darkest hour before the dawn,

she’s alone,

when the stars are shining, willows crying,

her angels yawning, she is wanting,

spirit gone,

the dew kissed morning, intense longing,

the river roaring, the rain is pouring,

she is drawn,

when the tears have dried, body sighed,

her aching ceased, her pain released,

holding on,

she finds a smile, for a little while,

birds are singing, chimes are ringing,

she is strong,

her fingers tracing, the heart that’s breaking,

the sun she’s facing, will sooth the aching,

nothing wrong,

when the morning shivers, the branch that quivers,

hits the ground, all her world will gather round,

she’ll belong,

flowers laid upon her chest, she will rest,

the test of time, will say she did her best,

moving on,

in the evening, when the sky turns to dusk,

when the earth’s perfume opened, smells of musk,

there lies a muted swan,

her gardens with their silky bloom, lift their faces toward the moon,

the morning star falls into the arms, the dark will meet her soon,

with cherub’s song,

a warm wind like her lover’s kiss, lifts her soul from this abyss,

soft like the feathers on the wing, she’ll lift her voice to sing,

she’s been going home,

if you listen close, you will hear, the quiet whisper in your ear,

if you reach for her you’ll understand, she never let go of your hand,

all along,

in her thoughts she played a hundred times, love was always on her mind,

she lives on,

earth and wind, fire and rain, the calming in the storms of pain,

she’s alone,

spirit gone,

she is drawn,

holding on,

she is strong,

nothing wrong,

she’ll belong,

there lies a muted swan,

with cherub’s song,

she’s been going home,

…….all along……all along…she lives on..






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