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Just A Broken Clock


And she ran around in circles, up and down the long paved roads, lookin’ for those miracles, into the great unknown, she wrote the words on empty pages, she knew she couldn’t fake it, held her hand out for ages, but her heart forsake it, through her eyes she saw the way, but she couldn’t take it, for years the ground unmovable, though the earth was quaking, nothing seemed to move her, nothing but the aching, she rocked the walls tonight, as she was shaking, the tears were holy water on a heart that’s breaking, nothing left to take, she took all the taking, and she walked around the memories, put her fist through all the glass, shattering to pieces every one she passed, the echoes of I love you, the footsteps in those halls, but her guards just wouldn’t move, even as she falls, her hands are reaching for the door but she forgot the key, pacing back and forth across the floor, she knew she wanted to be free, the curtains shredded by the wind reminded her how long, she’d been a ghost in here, but now her will was strong, her spirit broken as she toiled, for a love whose fruit had spoiled, but her love would be forsaken, even as each branch was breakin’, there outside was a shining sun, she heard all the laughter, then the chains were gone, happily ever after, and she watched from inside as she grew, the fires parted as she flew, she realized that she could only be true, when she let go of passing through, she heard a click behind her, each key in its lock, the echoes to remind her, she was never really lost, no more time behind her,

just a broken clock…


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