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She tore out of that driveway like hell was chasin’ her,

words and more words ’til the whole night was a blur,

she was tired of being the medicine when she was the cure,

one thing she knew, it was done this time for sure,

she lit up her small cigar, flipped that switch so she could see that shooting star,

her long hair flying in the wind, drivin’ like she was leavin’,

chasin’ down those angels like they weren’t a sin,

tomorrow doesn’t matter when you have nothing to believe in,

she pulled into that roadside bar just for one drink,

standing by the jukebox, dancing to the lady in heels and a mink,

she swayed her body not caring ’bout what they’d think,

a magic carpet ride, red riding hood gave the wolf a wink,

she didn’t ask for a name, she just held on,

the tenderness took all the pain until it was gone,

sipping and singing the words to every song,

tomorrow doesn’t matter when  there’s nothin’ right in what’s wrong,

tonight she’s makin’ the devil a deal,

she’s a million reasons for how it can feel,

the beggar turns thief, she’s only here to steal,

somethin’ to make her feel real,

she’ll keep them wishin’ but she’s only fishin’,

she’ll leave ’em shiftin’ in their seats, she’s got her pedal to the metal,

she’s on a mission,

tomorrow may never come, but tomorrow means nothin’


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