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I Don’t Cry


Baby, you know I had it bad, I’d do anything for you, walk through fire or broken glass, just to make sure that you’d get through, but…

I can’t be your crutch,

the sugar in your medicine,

I can’t pretend that touch,

when it’s not me you’re pullin’ in,

I won’t walk the line

when you won’t draw it,

I won’t look behind me

while you call it,

there’s nothin’ left to break,

this heart was your mistake,

and now you wonder why,

I don’t cry…

you used to laugh at me

and then you’d dust me off,

I was like a book you’d read,

just sitting on the shelf,

you’d put those creases in the page,

you never lost your place,

but I rewrote the story,

while you stood in all your glory,

you pushed me aside,

and now you wonder why,

I don’t cry…

Baby, don’t ask me where I’ve gone,

I was here and waiting for so long,

I watched the clock tick away the years,

made sure my hand was there

to dry every tear…but

I can’t stay afloat in that ocean anymore,

you thought you had the key to every door,

I slipped away and you never searched,

too busy watching birds from where you perched,

I hope you find your way,

the treasure map is torn,

night has turned o day,

I no longer mourn,  

and now you wonder why,

I don’t cry…

Now you can stop pretending,

I’ve got my happy ending,

I was lost far too long,

as this went on and on,

but then there shone a star,

such a beauty against my sky,

and she took my hand,

she made me understand,

and with that kiss she told,

a story born of old,

and in a single sigh,

I would never wonder why,

I don’t cry…

Baby I know you know,

there’s nowhere else to go,

the road has washed away,

the paths have overgrown,

and fade,

you’ll look for buried gold,

but it has turned to rust,

you look for too much,

because it’s me you trust,

but there’s a single sigh,

one who waits to catch your eye,

and then you’ll never wonder why,

I don’t cry…



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