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Look Up

this world’s in such a hurry,

don’t be a judge and jury,

it seems we’re losing touch,

when we’re in such a rush,

our conversations on a screen,

phones in our hands, it’s so extreme,

everything impersonal,

no wonder souls don’t feel at all,

click delete and it’s all gone,

when did we stop holding on,

lies or truth, it’s up to you,

you can be anything that you want to,

hide behind a wall, brick by brick ,

the fog around our heart is thick,

when touch becomes a picture,

when love becomes so unsure,

the world is just so empty,

swallowed by technology,

just another pretty face,

feelings written on a page,

models posed, leather and lace,

fantasy,  just a click away,

so many players in the game,

a virtual world our meeting place,

our life will never be the same,

click out to erase, block or add, no face to face,

our children don’t play out in the yard,

the garden’s on a memory card,

they haven’t learned how to share,

unless they add the right software,

the smiles have been replaced by stares,

bombs and guns and violence there,

lives that seem to go nowhere,

no one seems to really care…

it’s just not fair…

emotions wild, but we don’t see,

we’ve lost our own reality,

we wonder why they scream at night,

their nightmares come because they fight,

the monsters come alive,

our children crying for the light,

how lazy has our world become,

the big screen where they play and run,

how many bombs did you collect,

our world  becomes a disconnect,

computer toys and talking books,

no rocking chair or loving looks,

our hands have become so full,

we can’t find time to shine what’s dull,

where have all the people gone,

that used to be here in our home,

doorbells ringing, children singing,

laughter, passion, hearts clinging,

words whispered into our ears,

someone there to calm our fears,

a hand to hold, the sweetest smile,

in front of us for a while,

if only we had the sense to see,

that life is more than fantasy,

the sky so blue, the stars above,

reading books, making love,

playing in the summer rain,

feeling even if it’s pain,

look up from that phone or screen,

the world is crying …

to be seen…


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