Happy New Year…

She put on that pretty dress,

one she’d saved just for this day,

brushed her hand through the curls,

she loved her hair that way, she put on her makeup,

just a touch of color on her face,

buckled up her high heels, leather and lace,

she turned up the music, and listened to those songs,

she closed her eyes and made believe

she danced in someone’s arms,

her lips curled into a smile

as she stood before the mirror,

time had drawn upon her skin,

the lines were getting clearer,

she looked into her own eyes, shades of blue and gray,

they reminded her of stormy skies that never went away,

she wrapped her arms around herself

like she’d done for all these years,

held the pain at bay, held in all the tears,

the radio counted down the minutes,

soon to be midnight,

she closed her eyes and felt a kiss,

it was her ghostly knight,

as the crystals fell to the ground,

she heard that familiar cheer,

that cinderella moment found, 

she fell asleep whispering,

I hope you all have a Happy New Year…


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