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And She, My Breath



She said come to my soul,

I stumbled and tripped,

she said you know I’m home,

the veil was torn, the dress, it was ripped,

she traced the lines on my face,

looked into my eyes filled with flames,

she said, I know it hasn’t been this way,

I’ll never leave you all alone, no games,

she stood and held me in,

she said you know crying’s not a sin,

she knew my smile was made of paste,

all the time I’d lost, a lifetime laid to waste,

she said come to my heart,

I stood, arms folded across my chest,

I didn’t want to let go, afraid I’d fall apart,

she said, pointing to the heart beneath her breast,

you will find your way someday,

then she pulled me toward her,   

she said there’s so much more be,

a deep you’ve never found in your reality,

I pushed and she kept on holding on,

she said we’re just a long love song,

I watched as she sang til dawn,

watching the pieces fall to the ground,

she whispered as she woke,

every piece will fall together, you belong,

she slid her hands down my body as she spoke,

every nerve came alive with the heat of her hand,

there’s nothing here that’s broke,

you just need to understand,

she said come to my spirit,

I shook inside when I came near it,

she lifted the tattered veil,

sewed her love in the ragged dress,

her eyes met mine like a roaring gale,

I’ve never felt such tenderness,

she said come for eternity,

I shuddered when I thought of death,

she rocked me in her arms so slowly,

our universe the only thing I felt…and she, my breath


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