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Then Feel…


Lessons burned into your soul,

forgotten messages written in sand,

the sound of rain as the thunder rolls, 

storms spin you ’round ’til you understand,

some make you quake from the inside out,

some break you down until you ache,

you cross the lines knowing what you’re about,

then it feels like more than you can take,

you’ll know the answers when you’re lifted,

but some days you’re left there on your knees,

just remember sometimes love… it’s just gifted,

it can slip from your hands, does what it pleases,

but this stormy weather won’t last forever,

true love will find you and bind you,

those tethers that once held you together,

the knots will slip that you’re bound to,

the lessons written until you’re a book,

the rain will clear and thunder calm,

close those eyes, don’t even look,

love drifts landing like a bomb,

live life without expectation,

look into your own heart for direction,

forget the need for explanation,

don’t crave untrue love’s affection,

time is precious in this life journey,

the days will pass you by, standing still,

open your eyes when you can truly see,

when you know warmth instead of the chill,

when what it takes to fill you, is you,

only then can you know what’s real,

if you still feel it after all you’ve gone through,




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