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Hand To The Fire


All the days and all the nights,

she never left you out in the dark,

even when her strength was gone,

she kept you in her sights,

even when you left her standing there

holding her bleeding heart,

the time flew by, her youth came

and went away,

but you still held her with that sigh,

though to you,

she became a game you play,

didn’t you see how she shattered,

she wasn’t anything that really mattered,

her spirit broke, her soul lay battered,

but you didn’t reach to hold her together,

the pieces lay scattered,

at her feet every plea and every promise,

blown around with every breath,

just like the last touch, the goodbye kiss,

just like being alive made her face death,

for you she bled, love as strong as the water flows,

she watched every moon, and the sun, as you ebbed,

she became the wave that touched the sand,

never knowing where it goes,

she trusted as it trusted the land,

until the storms tore her limb from limb,

until it took everything to stand up on her feet,

the pain and passion flowing over the brim

pouring into every cell, until she almost fell asleep,

but from somewhere that phoenix rose,

the brimstone,

the ash

and the smoke,

her only recourse was to make you feel the burn,

put your hand to the fire, maybe you’d learn,

and maybe you wouldn’t care, but either way…

she made you look, because somewhere in her, she knew…

you’d never look away…

her heart is like a fire raging on the ocean blue,

and you…you were the only breath of wind,

the only world she walked in, from beginning..to the end,

maybe one day you would take that to heart,

or maybe you thought that you’d never fall apart,

but she feels you in everything, everywhere,

and all she ever wanted was to take your hand

and be with you

there…here…maybe one day…you’d feel it too

and understand…she loves you, and only you



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