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The Edge


There’s a reason I walk along the edge,

I found my wings on that ledge,

you, ..took the long way around, 

I, to the sky, you, ..on the ground,

I’m sure you felt what you thought was rain,

those drops that fell on you were tears of pain,

you never looked beyond the rainbow,

those colors I painted for you below,

I knew you’d stumble along that path,

be lost in the woods of that aftermath,

There’s a reason I didn’t hold on tight,

the letting go was dark as night,

but you always came along too late,

I’d forget how to fly because I’d wait,

you..pulling on that tethered cord,

me..feeling that you didn’t hear a word,

you..pushing me closer and closer to the edge,

me..finally stepping off that ledge,

I forgave and handed you that gift,

you sat with all the sheaves you’d sift,

the dust and memories at your feet of clay,

the skies above empty and gray,

There’s a reason I tip toe in this field,

pull at weeds to find the yield,

I had given away my strength and power,

you..searching for the newest flower,

I..planting seed by seed,

my heart breaking, would bleed,

you look up and feel the storm awaken,

what you held back, what you’d taken,

there’s a reason you walk along the edge,

you’ve built your wings upon my ledge,

I stand still to see if you’ll take that step,

I look up to the sky..for promises…kept…


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