Butch Femme · Love · Strength

Written On My Face

closed eyes

Close your eyes, go to that place,
feel my hand in yours,
the love you saw written on my face,
listen to the sighs,
nothing can replace,
that’s all I felt
when I closed those doors,
when you wiped the slate,
I tried to revive what slowly died,
a breath time won’t erase,
pieces of truth, I realize…
too little to fill your plate,
Open your eyes,
for this is fate,
feel the rush, the wind of silence,
the way it felt, my emptiness,
the quiet in the brokeness,
for I am due my penance,
You broke apart my fortress,
your sword that bled me soulless,
with words that once held promise,
now you wander in its coldness,
Close your eyes and see the fire,
when you were my only desire,
look into the shattered windows,
where I loved mind, heart, body, soul,
still there shines an endless beacon,
searching for that home,
behind the walls only you could weaken,
where the breeze of memories blow,
maybe your eyes have opened,
but too many times I’ve broken,
the pieces lay untouched,
over my wounds, my hand is clutched,
I dare not put them back in place,

for it would take just one look,

you know me like a book,

something time cannot erase

too much would be written on my face…


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