The Lone Survivor


She used to shine, a sun that walked the earth,
but her continence died, she let others rule her worth,
A beaten path led to her door,
A sounding board, they’d lay her on the floor,
They’d stomp their feet. they’d wipe them too,
They’d use her heart, it was her ruin.
The poison ran into her veins,
dipped in sugar, the drug was pain,
She buried it inside her soul,
they never cared, they made her cold,
Time and again, they’d break her down,
her spirit buried in their ground,
Nothing sacred,  her dreams they stole,
when they’d wonder into her home,
She was a secret that no one knew,
the looking glass that they’d  look through,
One day she shattered. the pieces flew,
She never mattered ’til they were blue,
The pieces laying at their feet,
crushed by their heels, they’d savor the defeat,
The  tears she cried all alone,
the lying lips through the phone,
telling her that she was needed,
All the words she always heeded,
She would run to save the day,
her life would never be the same,
Now she sees the games they play,
she takes her place, drinks her shame,
The pounding in her from the wild,
she changes to a woman from a child,
her purity stained with falling rain,
her innocence when she was tame,
Now her blood , a boiling river,
now her touch would make you shiver,
She’s taking back the power that was taken,
the stillness gone, a spirit quaking,
Her heart that looks like it’s in a tangle,
she’s just another broken angel,
But as she lifts those wings of fire,
her eyes light up with flamed desire,
a freedom rises in the smoldering ash,
the lone survivor of a burning crash…


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