There’s times that the world shatters
Sometimes I let go of what matters
Setting sail only to end up drifting
Storms rage even as the sails are lifting
There are times even in the sun it’s dark
Somewhere the days slip behind the stars
Reality turns to broken dreams of love
Stumbling at every turn, I push and shove
There are times letting go hurts less
Somehow, I can’t forget the taste of your kiss
The path strewn with screams and cries
Chambers of my heart filled with soft sighs
There’s times that I lash out like a whip
Words pour from those bleeding lips
Driving the knife deeper than I should
Do you love me still…the cold dark wood
There’s times you can break the walls
Seeing through me when the dark calls
you save me when I know I may drown
Pulling me from the sea without a sound
There’s a silence, I feel how I love you
Falling into you is all I can do
Crawling deep inside of my pain
Fighting the demons that drive me insane…


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