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She Could Have….

She’s forgotten everything
The days become a blur
The mornings and the nights bring
only wasted time…to her
She’s lost inside the aching
The hours seem to creep
She was yours for the taking
Now her soul fell asleep
She’s frozen in the memory
The touch you left behind
The way you seemed to set her free
She can’t seem to find
Locked inside those fortress walls
She stares out the open window
Watches as the leaves begin to fall
And she can’t let …you go
She cries and looks to the skies
Looking for that shooting star
Watches as each spark dies
She’s forgotten where we are
You took a gentle heart
You stole her wild spirit
You broke her all apart
You chose to make her fear it
She used to love so easily
She had the sweetest smile
She spent her days unceasingly
She wore her love for a while
She’s one to bear the deepest pain
Turn the light on in the falling rain
She’s found herself upon her knees
But you took just what you pleased
She’s worn a cloak around the hurt
You meant the world to her
She planted those seeds in that dirt
You broke apart her world
You never saw those falling tears
You didn’t care if she was broken
You left her standing still for years
You didn’t hear the words she’d spoken
She used to see all the wonder
She walked with wings on her feet
She had a heart filled with thunder
She could have…
loved me
She’s forgotten ……everything
Can’t find a way out of the ice
She’s frozen by those memories
That I can’t seem to ….fight
Her eyes no longer sparkle fire
The dark has overcome
She’s become lost in the mire
Of the damage you have done
She says what will be will be
But she can’t feel my love
You broke a fragile heart
You couldn’t hear it beat
You had her from the start
I wish that she’d



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