A Folded Flag

She sat, quill in hand,
the sun shone on an empty page,
Beside her lay a letter with his monogram,
her words fell silent, her mnd blank,
She sat, tears on her cheek,
the flowers scent filled the air,
Beside her was a folded flag,
we all could feel her bleed,
All she could do was barely breathe,
her soul bare,
She wondered how she’d go on,
they asked for her to read the word,
Sing the praises of the one,
but all she could feel was broken in her world,
She sat alone, her hair turned gray,
and she longed for a place called home,
And had waited for him since, every single day,
She sat, pen in hand,
the ink had dried, her love sliding off the page,
A yellowed veil and a wedding band,
promises they’d each take to their grave,
She’d smile every now and then,
with the memories of so long ago,
Her eyes would shine once again,
and she’d pick up the letters that he wrote
She would slip away into her dreams
waiting for the day that he’d never leave,
The moon rose full on her final day,
dressed in white she went to write, a promise she’d always keep,
She sat, words written on her face,
her red rose lips spoke to the light,
She sang to a starry sky, to a far away place,
that folded flag still by her side,
She had waited for this day to die,
the breeze blew the page to the ground,
The revelry played as her spirit flew,
they bowed their heads, her love was found,
The end and beginning of an eternity was all she ever knew,
They placed the flag beside her head,
listening to home callin’,
We all bled,
she lived her life
for the life of one
who’d fallen…
You see..love never fails…love just doesn’t die,
it may be buried, it may be alive,
but the truth is…she never asked why..her promise was sealed with a goodbye kiss…her love was stronger than this..



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