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Treasure & Token

She had forgotten how to hold on

Just a shadow of what was gone

A broken star with no sky to belong

A dust that blew in a forgotten song

The silk of her skin turning to leather

The mysteries of life she knew better  

The crystal ball reflecting a falling feather 

Laying on the ground she clung to the letter

The story there page after page every line

A bittersweet love tenderness and time

Years of pain and pleasure so sublime

A moon in clouds,  a sun that couldn’t shine

She reached inside each cell overflowed

A cavern filled with memories glowed

In the walls of her heart love stowed…away

On a ship with its sails billowed…come play

The waves tossed and turned…they slay

Drowning the deepest of doubts…never stray

From the embers a sea of those flames

Her true north staking her claim

Once and for always the same…

There’s a wild in her that only

she tames…

not a word

had to be spoken,

nothing was broken,

sometimes love is just treasure

and token,

and each lock just needs

to reopen…


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