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It Is Spoken

I fall silent with the breaths you breathe
There’s no past or future left in me
I feel the power of your words in this moment
As the wind crosses your lips on that summit
I’ve felt the passion, sitting on that mountain
Baptized by the rain that fell like a fountain
I washed away the sin and it fell.on holy ground
I watched it all turn white as snow when I was found
I used to sing your praises in the sweetest voice
With the angels and their harps, I made another choice
I walked the path alone, and lost my way back home,
But today I found that sweetest place, I thought that you
were gone,
My eyes were blinded by the earthly world,
I was broken and my heart was too,
I never looked for you
So many times I heard your whisper and turned away,
So many times I felt your touch but went on with my day,
Tonight I look up at the stars and see your mighty hand
Today I realized the clay had turned
to slipping sand
I’d forgotten where I ended and where you began,
Tonight my head was bowed but I forgot to pray
And I fell into emotions that spirited me away
Tonight I folded my hands, but not to praise
But in despair and sadness, I let them carry me away,
Somewhere in that darkness you chose to light my way
Though I’d given up on you, you were never far away,
I heard the thunder in the air and felt my spirit shake
I gave you back your child, for she was never mine to take,
I felt the earth beneath my feet, I felt myself start to quake
For what I thought I should control, only made me
I spoke those words, that I was so afraid
You came to comfort me, for you never forsake,
And though I’d lost my way on a road full of mistakes
I fell silent when I felt your breath on my face
No past or future, no memory
There’s only you and just this moment
And we sit side by side on this summit
Our voices ringing off the mountain
I’m baptized and you…are…my..fountain…
The angels lifted me and pulled me from the edge
And I watched as they fought death
And I knew no matter how badly I’ve broken
That with your words I am alive…for it is spoken…



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