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Little Boy….Blue


Take care of your own sins…

You don’t own a throne…

Nobody ever wins…

When everyone’s gone…

You think you’re  the shit…

Put yourself on a pedestal…

You ain’t even fit…

You’ll take the fall…

Take care of your own shit…

You there up on your horse..

Walkin’ around

empty as hell..

Par for the course…

Get over yourself,

you got nothin’ to sell

Babies to feed, rent to be paid

Look at the mirror,

the picture will fade

Not even a sheet on this bed

that you’ve made,

Little boy blue you throw

nothin’ but shade

Take care of your own sin,

Who made you the judge

look where you’ve been

Sayin’ the words, nothin’ but sludge,

Layin’ around,

your face to the ground

Cuttin’ those cords

While you’re sniffin’ around

The dog that you are,

You look like a clown,

Thinkin’ you’re wearin’

Some kinda crown

Someday you’ll look

And it’s gonna be gone

Take care of your own shit

Before you push it to the edge

You’ll see the pit

The wolf that you fed

Life’s not a game

You have no shame

Pushin’ the blame

So f*ckin” lame

Puttin’ your hand out,

takin’ a gift

Sittin’ there playin’

like it’s your due

Bendin’ over

to wait for that kiss

Might as well be a bitch,

little boy blue

Take care if your own sin

That’s your only right

What are you thinkin’

You’re darker than night

Givin’ up somethin’

Just give up the fight

Takin’ the handouts

Like they’ve been earned

Where will you go,

When the bridges are burned

Take care of your own shit

The things that you do

Make sure it’s worth it

Little boy blue

Shatter the glass house

With stones that you threw

But you’ll get cut

So keep stirrin’ the brew

You can’t build a castle

On people you hurt

To make you feel better

About what you’re worth

Tearing apart someone’s life

Making them think about

leaving this earth

Cutting them like

you own the knife

Never what anyone

ever deserves

Better to cut out

your own  tongue

Than shoot bullets

just ’cause you can

In the end

when it’s all through

All you’ll be…is

little boy blue



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