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The Shadow Of Her Wings

And she is shattering from the inside out

That sea is battering against her heart

And she is falling from the clouds

Her spirit scattering on the ground

And she is screaming but all is silent

Her mind is dreaming but she is spent

And she is splintering, shattered glass

Love is first but she won’t  last

And she’s aching through to her soul

The lonely roads have taken their toll

And she hears those whispered words

Drops of blood from Jupiter

And she is blistered, the page is torn

The book is bound, the pages worn

And she is slipping,  no more fears

A wind has dried all her tears

And she is waking though she sleeps

And waiting for that sweet release

And she is watching with love so deep

The shadow of her wings and leaps

And she feels just like a hurricane

All her memories the falling rain

And she is broken and together again

No one will ever know her pain











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