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Until It’s Fire


There’s  a broken side to every strength,

time walks you through the walls,

you push to the point of breaking,

nothing to tell you the length,  

There’s clouds in every sky,  drift in and out,

 the days dance like gypsies,

 Memories in the songs of what we’re about,

spinning  in every dawn we see,  

The story of us  breaking in our heart,

wounds and scars rip open again,

until letting go gives you another start,

the poison drank, but that was then,

There’s an echo that rings back,

pride reared its head but the reins broke,

The wild inside running by what you lack,

leaving behind the words that you spoke,

There’s pain that comes with healing,

shadows that are no longer lit by light,

closed doors hiding that old feeling,

through that death comes a new life,

all or nothing becomes something,

desire drives itself into the soul,

watching the spirit begin its rising,

you never gave up,

Because it’s all you’ve ever known..

embers in the ash climb until it’s fire,

there’s a breaking that brings strength,

there’s the whisper of the liar,

taunting until you’re left tired and spent,

but this isn’t the end, stillness comes,

there’s no secret to living but living,

let the ruins be the ruins,

what is done is done,

there’s nothing to taking but the giving,

the war is over, your battle has been won..




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