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The Endless Night

closed eyes

Go deeper still,  the  velvet touch

Curse the darkness , lose the fight

Shimmer stars within my blood,

Take me from this endless night

Pierce my spirit, steal my soul

Blind my eyes, heal my bones

Tease my mind, light the coal

Burn the sticks, heat the stones

Go deeper still, drink from the silk

Sip the poison, stirred and served

Sweet as honey, warm as milk,

Sleep will come, the lines are blurred,

Wash away, with storms and rain,

The ocean ebb, it pulls me under,

The shore forgets, the waves of pain,

Though the skies scream with thunder,

Go deeper still,  linger on my lips,

The words that creep up in my throat,

The dust of every lover’s kiss,

Build a wall, build a mote,

Seal my heart, black the memory,

Steal away my innocence, back to me,

The shadows have hid away the key,

I’ve lost my way, I can’t be free,

Go deeper still, pull from my core,

The knife that cut, and let me bleed,

Frozen in ice, I’ve closed the door,

And still I search for what I need,

Dreams that turn to nightmares,

Aches that slam me to my knees,

The moon, all its longing stares,

Staring back, I seem to cease,

Go deeper still,  I touch my face,

Fingertips soft upon my skin,

Feeling what was thought erased,

A tenderness in what had been,

Dawn had kissed my lips with light,

Colors danced across the skies,

Whispering, you’ve given up the fight,

The wind of sighs, the endless night…



















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