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In The Quiet, In The Dark

There’s a fault in my sky
where I lie
the stars know every wish
in my mind
as it twists
hope sits at the edge
just words on a list
The wind is my dredge
pulling the gold
from my heart
turning cold, you said
in the quiet, in the dark
words written to spite
lover’s lips kiss
she owns the night
but I own the bliss
buried like treasure
folded paper in my lap
the sins and the pleasure
only I have the map
There’s a fault in my sky
where you lie
And the light on your face
pulls me back to that place
and how do I cope
when I slip down that slope
the words that hurt
as I lay in the dirt
There’s a fault in my sky
that breaks open
where I lay
like the depths of a grave
like the angels you save
and up I am drawn into abyss
a forever that comes
on the whisper
of lips
There’s a fault in my sky
that slips and slides
touching the dark
I come alive
I watch as the moments
the memories alight
on my spirit, my soul,
the thoughts in my mind,
there’s that silence,
when silence is gold,
and I know what I’ll find
as I fight for my life
love truly is blind
when it cuts like a knife
There’s a fault in my sky
where all angels go
someday such a peace
this I will know
a place where love is
one last goodbye kiss
and I’ll reach for your hand
in that familiar place
as I close my eyes
and drift away
all I can do is try to understand
the reasons that you never
reached back
in the last moment of my sighs
I’ll hold it close and gently close it’s eyes
wrap it inside me…as the light goes black…
some chains you never break
so this is all that I can take
the spark of something
that won’t remain
As love dies, so will my pain


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