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Life Without Life

My passion is my poison,

that smile just wrecks and ruins me, 

I can see you laughing in the sun,

Those memories go right through me,

You’re the lightning in this storm,

The chain that wraps me up in lust,

You walked me down this road,


The only love that I can trust,

There’s so many pages in our book,

so many times we’ve stopped and started,

My world has been shook,

my heart became so guarded,

The wall I built just crumbles ,

the waves tear me apart,

I know that I have stumbled,

drowning in your heart,

I feel you from the inside out,

I fell at your feet when I fell for you,

in those eyes I wandered without doubt,

those many days have flew,

a butterfly tattoo, the name I chose to ink,

the fires of heaven in my heart,

love never fails, I didn’t blink,

the pain seared it from the start,

my hands have held your hips,

I’ve felt you deep in me,

and now I scream your name from my lips,

and fuck your memory,

In you I found my way,

you made me fierce,

there’s nothing I can erase,

the pages bound with my tears,

gently I turn them, looking at the past,

the simple way you move me,

the book is all I have,

you undo me and I crash,

I am strong because you lifted me,

I want to be the last,

I need you, not just a memory,

though I see that you’re not with me,

missing you will never ease,

I push, you pull, you push, I pull,

a romantic tragedy…





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