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Behind The Wall…


How many times

do I press my face

into the pillow,

now I live with regrets,

now I cannot open myself up to be hurt,

I question everything in my life,

is this what believing gets

it all sways in front of me,

like a weeping willow,

how do I discern the truth,

when I’ve learned that I’ve lived with so many lies,  

spells woven from those lips,

how do I trust when there are so many footprints on this road,

back and forth I’ve paced,

felt each nail and tooth,

when I hungered only for bliss

how do I revive something that had been so wounded,

the blood on my heart dripping on my spirit,

how do I heal when the knives still hang from my soul,

and the poison runs in my veins,

my innocence, my faith, my depth…you ruined it,

How do I cover those eyes that are inside my mind,

release the demons you loosed in me,

their hands pounding me deeper down,

I fight now to only be free,

my want for more used by the blind,

how do I mend what has been torn,

you never cared that I’d been broken,

so vulnerable to the words you’ve spoken,

and I sought just a drop of love,

because I lived the love I’d sworn…

but now…

I want to live as I was born,

here behind those walls I’ve built,

I guard my heart to save my soul,

outside of them water and silt,

but in here,

I am whole…




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