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What She Brings


Then she covered me, kisses soft as silk, bidding me down from the sky

she plucked away my wings, but even so, she healed the wounds I’d felt,

whispering with a sigh, she held me against her leather,

her hands wound around my waist,

lips that took my breath away,

she broke apart each feather,

she was all

that I could taste,

I shook as she took control,

she taught me what I wanted, 

somehow she broke the very mold,

a place where I was haunted,

she raised up the woman from a child,

in her own wings I could rest,

my heart had returned from the wild,

time would be the test,

I was bound to walk the earth,

laying down those broken things,

life was wicked from my birth,

but love is what she brings…



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