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It Is Spoken

I fall silent with the breaths you breathe There’s no past or future left in me I feel the power of your words in this moment As the wind crosses your lips on that summit I’ve felt the passion, sitting on that mountain Baptized by the rain that fell like a fountain I washed away… Continue reading It Is Spoken

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In The Darkness~Through The Light

In the darkness, through the light,  I watch you break apart tonight, arms folded across your chest, the halo of fire as you take flight, In the moon’s glow is the shimmer of stars fading in my eyes, In the breaking dawn, I look into the ocean watching as you rise, the only clouds lined… Continue reading In The Darkness~Through The Light

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Ever Gonna Be You

Who’s making you cry, making you cry, there’s no reason to deny, that connection just a recollection, do you feel it emptying from you, bleeding that affection, a release of tension, It was never about me, just walking through, Who’s stealing your dreams, stealing your dreams, I hear it as your mind screams, Always fire… Continue reading Ever Gonna Be You

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Those Ancient Oceans

So many touch our life and leave marks on it, even the subtle stranger, the unchained angel, the martyrs and the foolish of heart, the arrogant, and the soul filled;  your spirit has been held in a way that no other will ever fill you in the same way as another has. The thing about… Continue reading Those Ancient Oceans

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You Know This Place

It lingers there between the dark and the light, only you have sipped its might, in the gray between hell and grace, only you know this place, It wanders there in the shadows, in the dark, in the broken places, lit with a dying spark, It slips in quietly while you lose yourself to thought,… Continue reading You Know This Place

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Breaking In The Mist…

  I looked and there she was again, angel eyes dipped in sin, I catch myself in her kiss, the ones that take away my breaths. I wanted to reach across the bed, run my nails across her head. Soft breaths against the skin of my neck, those lips smiling in her dreams, instead. I… Continue reading Breaking In The Mist…

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