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Little Boy….Blue

Take care of your own sins… You don’t own a throne… Nobody ever wins… When everyone’s gone… You think you’re ┬áthe shit… Put yourself on a pedestal… You ain’t even fit… You’ll take the fall… Take care of your own shit… You there up on your horse.. Walkin’ around empty as hell.. Par for the… Continue reading Little Boy….Blue

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I Don’t Have To Think Of You!

Right in the midst of things I think of you, and I think of how you stole a part of me that I can never get back. I think of the deliberate acts of evil and the sadness you left in me. I think of how I wish I knew how to forget, how to… Continue reading I Don’t Have To Think Of You!

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Darkness · Heart · Light · Love

Into Her Depths

She didn’t become anything but what she became, the laughter pushed down, the wild, tame, She hadn’t released the demons she’d called, she let every optimism become hidden and walled, She had smiled so easily when she was naive, now her heart had been scarred and she couldn’t believe, She wasn’t unsure once upon a… Continue reading Into Her Depths

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