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The Ghost In Me

She’s always going to be my deepest love. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t. I’ve struggled so hard watching from so far away and my fears get the best of me. I felt so torn apart, it’s too hard to watch the love of your life give other things so much power,… Continue reading The Ghost In Me

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There They Are

It wasn’t because of anything, but because of so many things that I felt were keeping me from growing. I didn’t feel differently about anyone in my life, I just felt differently about myself.  I knew the options, I knew change would change everything but I knew I had to become comfortable in my own… Continue reading There They Are

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It Is Spoken

I fall silent with the breaths you breathe There’s no past or future left in me I feel the power of your words in this moment As the wind crosses your lips on that summit I’ve felt the passion, sitting on that mountain Baptized by the rain that fell like a fountain I washed away… Continue reading It Is Spoken

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The Days and Nights

She is weak when you smile The dark turns to light She looks in those eyes It’s like an open window and flight You say her name, it’s a confession The love pulls her under like waves You toss and turn her passion The feeling you give saves She drinks the blood in your veins… Continue reading The Days and Nights

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Just One More Nap

She was full of thoughts, unspoken words, her heart was a puzzle of lessons learned, she crossed her hands upon her lap, one more day, one more nap, the years had flown by like the winter snow, looking back, where.. did..they.. go, smiling up as she watched them grow, the little babies ’round her feet,… Continue reading Just One More Nap

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In The Darkness~Through The Light

In the darkness, through the light,  I watch you break apart tonight, arms folded across your chest, the halo of fire as you take flight, In the moon’s glow is the shimmer of stars fading in my eyes, In the breaking dawn, I look into the ocean watching as you rise, the only clouds lined… Continue reading In The Darkness~Through The Light

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Ashes To Ashes

There is no distance between heaven and hell The sound of your voice or the stories you tell There is no mercy when it comes to love It pierces, bleeds, heals, like an eagle, a dove There is no sense between the fight and who’s right The back words and silence come in the night… Continue reading Ashes To Ashes

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They Tell Me

There’s no switch they tell me, but I flick it off, don’t hear the words, You must have felt me quiver as the wind passed across what used to be, The lightning flashes, here comes the sea what I see I don’t believe even as it pours the cold in your words makes me shiver… Continue reading They Tell Me

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