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The Ghost In Me

She’s always going to be my deepest love. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t. I’ve struggled so hard watching from so far away and my fears get the best of me. I felt so torn apart, it’s too hard to watch the love of your life give other things so much power,… Continue reading The Ghost In Me

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The Days and Nights

She is weak when you smile The dark turns to light She looks in those eyes It’s like an open window and flight You say her name, it’s a confession The love pulls her under like waves You toss and turn her passion The feeling you give saves She drinks the blood in your veins… Continue reading The Days and Nights

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Something Wild

In the middle of the night she wakes me from my dreams,  my fingers feel the beat, nothin’s  like it seems, there’s a fire on her tongue as she wraps herself in me, in the middle of the night dreams become reality, my heart begins to pound when I feel her heat, feelin’  every inch… Continue reading Something Wild

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When I Go There

Passion, that rising up inside that awakens my spirit, that drive to accomplish something, the total belief that …I will. Passion and belief seem to go hand in hand and then it happens. My heart beats for it. It’s hard to understand me, and I know that all too well. I feel as though there’s… Continue reading When I Go There

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Water To Drink, A Place To Drown

Come sit a while with me, the moon is almost full, the clouds coming in, a storm is brewing There’s wings of angels that pass through, a strange silent pull in the winds that are blowing, Come hear the quiet voice singing low, the sweetest sound from where she flew, That night moans and cries… Continue reading Water To Drink, A Place To Drown

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Ashes To Ashes

There is no distance between heaven and hell The sound of your voice or the stories you tell There is no mercy when it comes to love It pierces, bleeds, heals, like an eagle, a dove There is no sense between the fight and who’s right The back words and silence come in the night… Continue reading Ashes To Ashes

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They Tell Me

There’s no switch they tell me, but I flick it off, don’t hear the words, You must have felt me quiver as the wind passed across what used to be, The lightning flashes, here comes the sea what I see I don’t believe even as it pours the cold in your words makes me shiver… Continue reading They Tell Me

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Eleven, Eleven

there’s a line we cross when we leave the other side that place where love never ever knows the dark there’s a star that crosses all the skies a memory of you that plays again when it sparks the angels are singing when I look again into those eyes that touch that makes my heart… Continue reading Eleven, Eleven

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Shy Side Down/Sunny Side Up

Shall I whisper to my moon all my secrets So she can reveal them all to you Hold in the feelings I’ve had since we met Drink you in like sweet morning dew Should I break all the rules and my compass Slip quietly inside you ’til you feel the stillness You come at me… Continue reading Shy Side Down/Sunny Side Up

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